Accelerator Program (grants on an invite-only basis)

In view of our goal to create, fund, and support Christ-centered ministries, the Foundation periodically offers outside organizations a limited amount of grants on an invite-only basis. This program complements our Foundation’s primary effort in incubating and developing the various initiatives.

Read below for grantmaking guidlines for ideal grantee candidates. Upon invitation, the Letter of Inquiry process will be open to interested candidates.

We’re typically interested in organizations that:

  • Demonstrate effectiveness in Christian evangelism.
  • Succeed in mobilizing volunteers in high proportion to their paid staff (e.g., 10 to 1 ratio).
  • Are established as 501(c)(3) non-profits or foreign equivalent.
  • Are new (less than 5 years old) and are small, not yet well-established in terms of funding.
  • The above being true, have still achieved a modicum of success via innovative and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Are launching a new program that mobilizes volunteers to serve others and share the Gospel.

In essence, we are taking an angel investment approach to grantmaking, and seek to offer applications only to those we believe will best utilize our investment to grow God’s Kingdom on Earth. Should we fund your organization, we expect to see great returns in regard to your expanded capacity and effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.

To start a grant inquiry, an interested candidate contacts the Stoller Foundation via with your responses to the above guidelines.

Existing Grantees:

If you have previously recieved a grant from the Foundation and wish to update or modify your information, click here.