All Nations Sports Academy


Transforming and empowering communities through soccer

Everyone knows the common language of the world has little to do with your mouth. You speak it with speed, endurance, and dazzling footwork. It's the Beautiful Game, and unlike the rest of the world, Americans know it as "Soccer." All Nations Sports Academy (ANSA) is using that language to transform and empower youth and their families of all nations through soccer.

Launched by the Stoller Foundation in Fall 2014, ANSA is led by Marcelo Galvao, a veteran soccer player and coach originally from Brazil. Under his leadership, ANSA seeks to engage children and youth in quality soccer program and free league play, while specifically reaching out to those from disadvantaged communities through their Developmental Leagues. ANSA’s approach to sharing the Gospel message through word and deed can only be accomplished by mobilizing and connecting servant-hearted volunteers and coaches to soccer-loving children and youth to make a life-impacting difference that goes far beyond the field. 

ANSA Initiative of Stoller Foundation
ANSA Initiative of Stoller Foundation

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