Eyes on Me Inc

Eyes On Me is on a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus to under-served and at-risk youth. Using biblical principles and standards, our vision is to disciple them for lifelong success and stability in the world. We are gathering young people every week in Brookshire and Spring Branch for our Hip Hop Hope outreach services, and using Christian hip hop to connect them to Jesus. At Royal High School, our HD mentoring program gives students an opportunity for an outlet to share their life stories & struggles with our mentors and for us to pour into their lives as well. Our prison ministry work is raising up volunteers that connect well with the troubled youth that we serve. With an extra emphasis to disciple the darkest neighborhoods in Houston, we've began strategically planting and reproducing churches, raising up leaders and sending them out to make disciples of the next generation.

"Our grant allowed us to provide transportation to over 100 at-risk & under-served youth to and from our weekly outreach services, discipleship groups and other special outings. In addition, we used a portion of our grant to operate & maintain a 24/7 mission center providing after school mentorship, computer labs, and community groups for spiritual growth and development."

Contact information

Primary Contact: Bobby Herring

Address: 7640 Lone Meadow Ct.
Houston, TX, 77095

Email:  tre9@dasouth.com

Website: www.eyesonmeinc.com

Phone: 281.686.5028

Eyes on Me, Stoller Foundation Grantee

Portal Houston

God visits those in prison. Portal Houston’s mission is to come alongside of women who have experienced Him in the prison, and support the strengths of those leaving the criminal justice system, helping them build capacity to fulfill their God-given purpose. Our vision is to reduce recidivism of women through discipleship.  Portal Houston trains women from the local church to mentor and coach women coming home to Houston. Our loving volunteers help match participants with safe housing, continued education, and job opportunities. Women receive services for family reconciliation, Biblical parenting skills, and increased social support through the local church.    

“Our grant allowed us to work with 37 vulnerable women and their families in the pilot program. This involved pre-release planning, transportation from releasing, and mentoring for a full year in the communities of their return. Stoller Foundation support has allowed us to establish a reentry hub in the inner city where volunteers are trained, and classes and support groups are held for women coming home to Houston.”

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Rhonda Arias

Address: 2103 N Main St. 
Houston, TX 77090

Email: rarias@portalhouston.me

Website: www.portalhouston.me

Phone: 713.419.1214

Portal Houston, Stoller Foundation Grantee

The Mission of Yahweh

The Mission of Yahweh (MOY) is the only emergency/transitional shelter in Houston that offers a unique continuum of care for homeless women/their children for up to two years.  In 2018, 440 women/children will be served.  A long-awaited new program has been established, The Kingdom Expansion Program, designed to share the good news of Jesus to residents. Approximately 85% of women declare themselves non- Christians upon arrival to MOY. The program provides residents with a firm foundation on Jesus’ teachings, equipping them with order/meaning/ethical direction to their lives. A full-time Chaplain provides biblical teaching/counseling/chapel programs/prayer support, and additional discipleship programs. 

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Richard H. Hill, Jr. – Executive Director

Address: 10247 Algiers
Houston, TX  77041

Email: Richard.hill@misionofyahweh.org

Website: www.missionofyahweh.org

Phone Number: 713.466.4785


Freestyle Ministries

Freestyle Ministries' mission is to educate, equip, and inspire youth within juvenile justice facilities and high-risk communities to develop a relationship with Jesus, to develop and maintain positive lifestyle changes, and to use their God-given gifts and talents to create change in their generation. We primarily do so through the publication of FRUIT. magazine. We have a BIG vision for the future of the youth we serve. In our vision we see the statistics surrounding these young men and women changing drastically for the better. We see our readers encouraging their peers and creating a culture for change within the facilities and the communities they live in. This is a BIG vision but we have a BIG God. We want to be a key part of that culture shift. To accomplish this, our goals are to provide FRUIT. magazine to every juvenile justice facility in the US and beyond and to create new ways of connecting more deeply with our readers. We have developed three programs to help us accomplish these goals. These programs include: FRUIT. magazine clubs, FRUIT. release parties, and FRUIT. customization for organizations who want to customize FRUIT. for the youth  they serve. 

"Our grant enabled us to make our Executive Director position full-time and to hire a part-time assistant. This has helped us get the magazine out more regularly, to focus more on donor development, to increase correspondence with our readers, to increase our distribution to new cities and states, and to begin several new initiatives."


Contact Information

Primary Contact: Tera Swigart

Address: P.O. Box 580668
Houston, TX 77258

Email: tswigart@gmail.com

Website: www.producefruit.org

Phone: 832.423.3126



‘For unto whom much is given, of him shall much be required.’ Luke 12:48b

In our broken world, millions face a future filled with hunger, pain, and sorrow, while others enjoy a life of opportunity and comfort. Word2Act believes we are called to address the underlying causes of this poverty and therefore exists to improve the lives of the needy by wisely stewarding the generosity of the prospered.

Through its Dutch parent-organization Woord en Daad, Word2Act teams with on-the-ground partners in impoverished countries to carry out our mission: connecting people worldwide in their fight against poverty from a Christian perspective.

Contact Information

Primary Contact: Brad Baker

Address: PO Box 6246
Grand Rapids, MI  49506

Email: b.baker@word2act.org

Website: www.word2act.org

Phone: 616.446.6050

jlk  mrt 20 2018_662.jpg

Bible Study Media

The mission of Bible Study Media, Inc. is to foster a Biblically literate church worldwide through the production of engaging, faithful, and applicable Christian teaching resources for churches and individuals. Bible Study Media strives to provide outstanding children’s Sunday school curriculum and adult small group Bible studies that are readily applicable to daily life. We know that by putting the right resources in the hands of churches and individuals, Bible Study Media is able to captivate the imagination and encourage transformational life change for those seeking to understand the Bible as God’s Word.



Primary Contact: The Rev. Charlie Holt

Address: 1034 Ben Hur Drive

Houston, TX 77055

Email: revholt@biblestudymedia.com

Website: http://biblestudymedia.com

Phone: 321.689.7401 

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Love is Ministry a faith based nonprofit organization that is passionately reaching out to the refugee community with the love of Christ and the wonderful message of the gospel. It is our goal to help the refugees to successfully integrate in the American society and to become self-sufficient by providing ministry programs in their communities.

We started our organization in 2009, and since then God has been using us to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of refugees.  Today, we have two branches in the United States actively reaching out to the refugee community: Dallas, TX and Tampa FL.  



Primary Contact: Danny Domingo

Address: 7225 Fair Oaks Ave

Dallas TX 75231

Email: dannyd@loveisministry.org

Website: https://www.loveisministry.org


radio la paz

Nestled in the mountains along the Panama/Costa Rica border lies a reservation (Comarca) where 300,000+ Ngöbe-Buglé Native Panamanians reside.  The Comarca is larger than the State of Delaware and smaller than the State of Utah.  It is vast in size and largely untouched: no electricity; no running water; lacking roads and bridges.  The people are, for the most part, subsistence farmers earning less than $2/day.  Travel is difficult at best and spreading the Gospel is largely accomplished by walking long distances over difficult terrain.  How can this largely un-reached people group be reached with the Gospel message under such harsh and primitive conditions?

“Our grant has provided the means to make the task possible by providing the funding necessary to purchase the radio equipment necessary to launch a Christian radio station entitled ‘Radio la Paz’.  Radio is the ‘superhighway to the Comarca’. Small hand-held transistor radios abound on the Comarca.  So imagine a radio station that broadcasts the Gospel message primarily in their own Ngäbere language.  Imagine a radio station that addresses not only spiritual needs, but also provides educational programming centered around animal husbandry; agriculture; alphabetization, and health-related issues.  Such a radio station would impact their entire lives.  And, that's exactly what the Stoller Foundation is making possible by its generous donation.”

Radio La Paz.JPG


Primary Contact: Dale Redman

Address: 425 Broughton St.

Orangeburg, SC 29115

Email: Dale.Redman4523@gmail.com

The WorkFaith Connection

The WorkFaith Connection is a Christ-centered ministry whose mission is to equip discouraged job seekers with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead productive, grateful, and spiritually rich lives; lives surrendered to God’s will, God’s way, and God’s timing.  The vision of The WorkFaith Connection is to transform lives through the love of Christ, to encourage the hope of a better future, and to build a new life for people in transition through work and faith.

Our grant will provide WorkFaith graduates one-on-one job and life coaching for one year and an integrated relationship that includes the graduate’s employer, our church partners, our support services, and access to training and character development programs. Christian graduates will bring the light of Christ into their work communities.

photo 4.jpg

Contact Information

 Primary Contact:  Sandy Schultz

Address:  4555 Dacoma #200, Houston, TX 77092

Email: sschultz@workfaithconnection.org

Website:  workfaithconnection.org

Phone:  713.984.9611


LifeHouse is a Christ-centered ministry ensuring life for unborn children by providing opportunities for housing, help, and hope for women during their pregnancies and beyond. LifeHouse is unique that it offers a biblical family-model housing program. Residents as young as age 12 are supported by houseparents during and after their pregnancy. This allows us to ensure life for not only the unborn child but present true life in Christ for the mother who has lost hope.  In 2018, LifeHouse served 256 pregnant women through crisis counseling and 58 women and children in our residential housing program. LifeHouse relies on community volunteers to help shepherd the women alongside our trained and experienced staff. Volunteers teach classes, assist house parents, host meals, and utilize their God-given skills to make an eternal impact on the woman and her unborn child.

"Our grant allowed us to employ a full time Manager of Volunteer Services to manage and improve the reach and depth of the Volunteer Program. The grant also provided funds to manage the day to day needs of volunteer projects. Volunteers are now fully equipped with the training and opportunities to reach the heart of the woman during this vulnerable season – impacting generations to come with the gospel of Christ."


Primary Contact: Meredith Phillips

Address: PO BOX 27127, Houston, TX 77227

Email:  info@lifehousehouston.org

Website : lifehousehouston.org

Phone: 713.623.2120

lh_stoller_collage (1).jpg


Nabor Institute is an organization that serves underprivileged families in many cities within the state of Ceara, Brazil, which is located in the northeastern region of Brazil. The Stoller Foundation has supported Nabor Institute’s evangelistic program for children called Espaço Voar, which means Space to FLY! This program believes in developing the whole child spiritually, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.  Children and their families come from broken and/or poor homes. They are encouraged and provided with the hope only found in Jesus Christ. Espaço Voar provides after school programming for children ages 4 to 12 years of age.

The program is a collaboration of 13 different churches located throughout impoverished cities with high crime rates and very little opportunities. The Espaço Voar program is held within the church and gives families a safe haven for their children. The programs consist of academic curriculum for children as well as activities with biblical principles. Children are taught who God is, about His creation, and about God’s love, forgiveness, and the promise of eternal life through a personal relationship with Christ. The program seeks to encourage and strengthen families. Special events are designed to provide parents with the opportunity to support their child’s development while receiving the Word of God.  It is the desire of this program to impact the child, the family, and communities.



Primary Contact: Jailma Rodrigues

Address: Ceara, Brazil

Email: jailmacibuc@hotmail.com